A Modern classic for an award-winning modern classic.

Web + Logo Design + Development + eCommerce

When twenty-plus Nahokuhanohano Award (Hawaiian Music "Grammy") winner Lehua Kalima needed a website, she turned to us to create something that was both modern and sleek, but also classic at the same time.

We created something in line with the soothing pop notes of her debut solo album and helps to define her solo project apart from the distinctly traditional Hawaiian music of her long-time band, Na Leo Pilimehana.  Mae's design is clean and simple, with pops of vibrant color. Nate created a logo inspired by the unique shape of the lehua flower of the o'hia tree for which Lehua is named. 

With over 23 albums and counting with Na Leo, this new venture truly gives us a profound look at a different side of this multi-dimensional artist. Her second solo album is forthcoming.