Thoughtful websites that tell stories

We craft our work with the Spirit of Aloha. That is, we design and develop for each and every website with the intent that it will generate positive thoughts and feelings and spread to the world around us. We help our clients share their stories about who they are and what they offer, so that their message will resonate to form lasting connections with their audience.

We focus on web design and front end development for an array of web platforms. We also provide branding (logos), e-commerce, quality assurance audit and testing, user testing services, and some media consultation. If a client needs custom designs and bespoke software development, we can do that as well.

Below is a small selection of some of our projects. 

If you think we can help you, contact us! Let's see what we can create together.

A Travelogue for Wanderlusters

Web & Logo Design + Development

A busy political fundraiser who splits her time between Chicago and New York, Kelly turned her jet-setting ways toward recreational globe-trotting in the late Aughts, and started Fantasy Aisle to document her adventures.

Wanting to strike a balance between the quirky and fun articles and a sophisticated, professional look with a modern edge, we went for a minimal, simple design with pops of color that speak to Kelly's bright personality and vivid writing. Mae created a logo that evoked a feeling of lifting off into a one of Kelly's fantasy adventures of a lifetime, and the focus on the visuals bring the content to life.

A modern, clean design serves up the Total Café Experience

Design + Development + eCommerce

Kai Coffee Hawaii's owner Sam Suiter wanted a design refresh of their website in order to sell their locally grown and roasted coffee beans.

The site was overhauled and developed on the Shopify's CMS for a robust eCommerce experience with a sleek, but modern vibe that matches the mellow yet upscale Hawaiiana ambiance of Kai Coffee Hawaii's shop in the heart of Waikiki.

Built by Mae and Grid, LLC.

A Modern classic for an award-winning modern classic.

Web + Logo Design + Development + eCommerce

When twenty-plus Nahokuhanohano Award (Hawaiian Music "Grammy") winner Lehua Kalima needed a website, she turned to us to create something that was both modern and sleek, but also classic at the same time.

We created something in line with the soothing pop notes of her debut solo album and helps to define her solo project apart from the distinctly traditional Hawaiian music of her long-time band, Na Leo Pilimehana.  Mae's design is clean and simple, with pops of vibrant color. Nate created a logo inspired by the unique shape of the lehua flower of the o'hia tree for which Lehua is named. 

With over 23 albums and counting with Na Leo, this new venture truly gives us a profound look at a different side of this multi-dimensional artist. Her second solo album is forthcoming.